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Guest Posting Guidelines

We want writers with expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Website Design and Web Development – Topics
  • Website Design tactic
  • Website Design tactical how-to articles
  • Website Design Productivity Hacks & Tips
  • Website Design agency technique
  • Website Design agency procedures

Minimum length: 1,250 characters

Our viewers love the material that delves deeply into a topic and addresses pertinent topics.

Here are a few standards of style that all guest blogs must adhere to:

  • No spelling or grammatical mistakes. Please have your article edited by a professional!
  • Use active voice.
  • No keyword stuffing.
    The content must be easily digestible.
  • Highly recommended is the use of headers, subheadings, and bullet points.
  • Every article must include an introduction and a conclusion.
  • Articles must be readable.

Content Substance

  • Avoid simple and common-knowledge topics. Our audience comprises seasoned marketing specialists.
  • Must be proactive and fix an issue, offer practical advice, or explain how to do a task.
  • Must be original and not address a problem or topic you have already written about.
  • Duplicate content is not permitted.
  • No fluff, please!
  • No twisted content (content that is continuously spun in a vaguely different way in order to work as a guest post on another blog).
  • Templates that aid in productivity, such as how-tos, checklists, and instructions, are appreciated.
  • No direct advertising of your goods and services. We will include a link to your website to your author profile.

Publication Policy

  • When you submit a guest article to the Pro Website Design San Jose, you agree that it will not be republished elsewhere.
  • If you desire to publish your guest post on your company’s blog, you must rewrite it such that it is at least 70% different from the original submission.

External Links

  • The external links you offer in your application should not be spammy.
  • You must provide at least four external links (not to your own website) to credible sites.
  • Please add a link to your website and your preferred social media profile in your bio entry.

Author Biography

  • Include a brief bio in your submission email that describes your current position, area of expertise, an interesting fact about yourself, and a link to your headshot.
  • Include a link to your preferred social media profile and website.


  • Pro Website Design San Jose has the right to edit, modify, or remove any guest post.
  • The Pro Website Design San Jose owns all guest posts after they have been published.

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